Sunday, 7 June 2015

Another Beautiful Email

People don't often take time out of their day to say something is good. 

Sure, people will take time out of their day to complain. Plenty of people have done that in our time. One chap once wrote to us to ask for a refund because the free wine in Sherlock wasn't very nice. 

But with Romeo & Juliet a glorious and humbling number of people have taken the time to say why the show was important to them. Frankly, it's the most wonderful feeling - to know that someone else thinks what you have created is important. Because we love it - anyone that makes any work will know that you can pour your heart and soul in to something. I think the whole lot of us have poured our heart and soul in to Romeo & Juliet. That doesn't mean that it will be good, but it does mean that it's well cared for. 

But emails like this, they help fill your soul back up...

Hi Alex,

Good to meet you the other day.

I just wanted to say HUGE congratulations to you and the cast, I absolutely loved the show: it was some of the bravest, most energetic acting I have seen in a very long time. On a personal note it also reminded me of when I met my girlfriend years ago and everything that went with falling in love with a girl, so doubly loved it for that reason - it's just a great thing for society all round, helps you feel like part of it (society) when someone doesn't make it an issue and just presents it as what it is!

So thank you for that too. 

Good luck with the rest of it!


I'm genuinely proud of how few people have talked to us about it being an all female version. No one, when they have finished watching the show, has talked about it as a lesbian love story or questioned the all female narrative. Because it plays like a damn good story - regardless of where you sit on the gender spectrum. It's about finding someone who turns your world upside down, and about turning your world upside down for them. 

And that is a wonderful and terrifying feeling regardless or time, place or person. 


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