Tuesday, 25 June 2013

BABYLON - after the week

So we had a brilliant week at The Fauconberg Arms. 

We wrote a lot of songs, came up with a lot of ideas and most importantly got a good handle on what the show COULD and SHOULD be. It's by no means there yet - there's lots of story to suss, structure to sort. We need to be bolder with the politics, make it more visually arresting, drive some of the characters harder and be less subtle with some bits and pieces. We need to see more of the action - become more involved in the revolution.

Sharing on Friday was great, very useful to have such a warm audience and to have something to work towards. 

Lots to do and play with - we can't wait to get on with the next stage.

For now, though, here's how a few things looked and sounded. Everything here is from rehearsals or the sharing, recorded on phones. So forgive the quality, or the odd slipped note or tripped line, but it might give you an idea. 

There's another video here...A video of a song called Hold Stronger

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