Thursday, 20 June 2013

BABYLON - Instructions, Friday 21st June

From the joys of writing music, then realising we've got to do some acting too. 
Using instruments as instruments and wheelbarrows as instruments.
Playing outdoors and playing indoors, entertaining people having their lunch in the pub. 

Our first sharing of BABYLON is tomorrow night. 8pm, The Fauconberg Arms, Coxwold. 

Firstly, we'd love you to come, that goes without saying. But here are some things you might need to know...

1) BABYLON is a show about kings and queens and civil wars. It's about a shared history and abour the stuff which we should keep near and dear and take good care of. It's a big story which has 3 main threads - The Election, which is the beginning / The Farmhouse, which is the middle / After, which is the end - these dont necessarily run in chronological order. It's set in the future.

2) Serena plays Hetty, the new queen. 
     Ed plays Ollie, an adviser to the queen.
     Jim plays Billy, a farmer.
     Conrad plays Tom, Billy's brother.
     There is also the Governing Officer of the country, some officials, newscasters and other bits and pieces which the four cast will share between them. 

3) It contains swearing

4) Please DO keep your cameras or phones on. Please DO take pictures, videos and recordings. Please send them to us afterwards and we'll use them to make a little trailer of the sharing. 

5) This is a sharing, not a finished performance. It's free and, if you want to, you can pay what you think afterwards. There will hopefully be some other artists and musicians here too to entertain you. We would like to talk to you all afterwards and see what you thought - please tell us what you thought. We'd like you to have nice evening with each other so please eat and drink and be merry and perhaps sit on a big table with some new people.

Now you can watch this little video for a cheery Thursday morning...

We'll hopefully see you tomorrow evening, 8pm, at The Fauconberg Arms for the very first glimpses of BABYLON. 


Dom, Serena, Jim, Conrad, Alex & Ed

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