Tuesday, 29 September 2015

250 at £10

We are trying to raise £2,500 to get Fable to New York. 

In the whole grand scheme of things, it's not a lot. But person to person, no one has £2,500 to spare. And, although we have a reward for £500 on our Crowdfunder, I don't expect anyone to really pick that up. 

Instead, we're far more likely to ask 250 people to gift us £10. 

£10 is about the price of a theatre ticket, around how much it cost to see Fable in at Summerhall or Beulah in YTR's studio. 

So, if 250 people gift us £10, we will give away 250 tickets to a Flanagan Collective show before the end of 2015. Crowdfunder will tell us everyone's name who gifts us £10, and we can message you to get your email address so we can let you know where and what we'll invite you to. 

We'll do one show in York and one in London. We'll make sure it's special - because you will have helped us get to New York, which is pretty damn special.

We can, of course, raise more than £2,500. So if 300 of you gift us £10, then we'll invite 300 of you. This isn't a reward which is offered on Crowdfunder. And all the rewards on Crowdfunder still stand. And if you gift £10 and want nothing in return, then that's fine too. 

If you can afford a tenner, and think you'd like a special night some time on the other end of it, then please do think about giving us a leg up. 

You can find our crowdfunded page here

Hopefully see you in a room sometime soon.

Much Love

The Flanagans

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