Saturday, 19 September 2015

What The Fleeting? 3 More Months

So we opened the doors of The Fleeting Arms at the beginning of March. Loads of hours of loads of brilliant people's time has been poured in to this place since then. Events, gigs, plays, parties, poetry, installations, rehearsals, gatherings and a fair few beers have come and gone.

But what now? We're keeping going for 3 more months - and we're keeping going in style.

Between now and the 31st December you can expect...

The Fleeting Quiz - Harry Potter / James Bond / Disney
Macmillan Fundraisers with Orillo - The Lord of The Rings trilogy / Back To The Future 1,2&3 / The original 3 Jurassic Park films / Baz Luhrmanns Red Curtain trilogy
A Rocky Horror Halloween Party
A regular play reading group

...not to mention the incredible amount of gigs and bands you brilliant folks put on here. 

And we've got plays a plenty too. In pretty exciting new Chris Thorpe's incredible award winning show 'Confirmation' is here for two nights in November.

Over Christmas we're going big. From the 3rd-31st The Guild Of Misrule take over with an immersive version of The Great Gatsby...across all three floors of the building. Expect a slamming jazz party, wild cocktails and a full throttle production of F Scott Fitzgerald's tale of parties, love and liquor. At weekends, we'll run special late night events too, after the show.

But between all that there's plenty of room for more. Want to put on an event? Need a place to meet or rehearse? Got a party to house? Well we'll be here with free space and a bar. You're always very welcome!

Thanks for your support since March. He's to a little while longer.

Keep in touch.

Alex & Jane
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  1. Hello Alex,

    I used to work with you, and a long time ago you very kindly gave me a pedal (which set off a nice creative chain of events for me)...

    To be brief as time is short, I'm interested in getting some unusual artwork and collections up at the Fleeting Arms and especially now as it will be closing soon.
    I was interested in putting on some nights but there might not be enough time now, but I would like to show you my work to see what you think and if there is any room to pop a bit in? I do feel that my work could fit nicely with the ethos of the place, for a freeing of creativity and expression. And also if you are around it'd be nice to catch up.

    Here is a link to my site, have a good rummage, see if you connect with any of it and I can explain more later about some ideas I have about exhibiting e.g some video and sound.

    I tried getting in touch by email but don't know if you got it, so if you have any questions about my stuff then ask away.

    And if you would like to hear what your gift has created then you can listen at the link below, as it became a main element and ingredient to my music:

    Hope to hear from you soon and hope the Collective is going well.