Wednesday 3 December 2014

Warmth, Heart and Soul

I'm sat here, in London.

In one of my best friends houses.

In this picture, Ed is working on his Treasure Island script. Jim is recording and sound designing. I've just finished an LX plan. We open Treasure Island at The Arts Theatre on Tuesday.

On Monday just gone,1st Dec, A Christmas Carol opened in Manchester. This is the fourth year we've run the show - full of food and wine and Christmas cheer. We're really happy to be working with our friends at The New Playhouse in Manchester, then heading back to York for a run with York Theatre Royal at The Guildhall, with food and drink by The Gillygate.

On Friday we open Beulah too, which is playing at The Arts Theatre at weekends. Beulah is like a warm old friend.

We're damn lucky to be spending Christmas in work, busy, with friends.

Sometimes I feel very damn lucky indeed.