Monday 9 November 2015

To The Good, The Kind & The Inspiring - From The Humbled

The Real Blair - Veronica - Jim

I've told this story before, but on a dark night in November 2014 we stumbled in to a pub at the edge of Scotland and met a man called Blair. Since then we have created Fable, inspired by him and his home turf - a beautiful village called Ardfern. 

View From The High Line
In the last week of October, Fable was playing simultaneously in New York and touring the Highlands of Scotland. I am constantly and consistently flawed by the kindness, generosity, creativity and curiosity of people, of places and communities. To take our little show to the Soho Playhouse in New York, backed by the support and the money of so many people, is heart-swellingly amazing. To tour a show to some of the most beautiful places I have seen, to be welcomed in to people's homes, to sit and eat with strangers who so quickly become friends - that is heart-swellingly amazing. 

We hold ourselves open to adventure - but that doesn't account for everything. We have fallen in the path of some truly amazing people. And I genuinely can't sing the praises of Ardfern enough - as people and as a community they are truly truly inspirational. If ever you're passing, pop in. Halloween was something else in that little haven at the end of a lane. 

Jim and Veronica in Smoo Cave
But we would never have found that lane without folks like Lindsay Brown, Play Pieces, The Touring Network, National Rural Touring Forum, Scottish Mental Health Arts And Film Festival - there are lists of organisations we should thank. But in all those organisations are great people. Day after day after day, good people do brilliant things. 

It's easy to get angry at the world and to rail at the things we should rail at - and we should rail at them. But when on one side of the world Veronica, Jim and I are parading around a pitch black village, looking up at the milky way - and on the other side of the world Joe, Claire and Henry are finishing our first ever run Off-Broadway...these are the golden moments. And behind these golden moments are so many people, places and open arms that got us here. 

Claire at The Soho Playhouse

From dive bars to a genuinely terrifying haunted houses to being locked out of apartments to tours of award winning breweries in working mens clubs to feeling like your stood at the centre of the universe to feeling like you're stood at the edge of the world. This is one very special journey - our huge and genuine thanks to everyone who has pointed the way, held our hands, or walked a stretch with us.

There was a moment where Veronica's face was on three continents - in America, in the UK and in Australia. Because next we head off to Vault Festival in London and then we head to the Adelaide Fringe...long may the adventure continue. 

The following people are golden - this is not an exhaustive list...

Joe Hufton, Veronica Hare, Jim Harbourne, Brian Hook, Henry Bird, Claire Curtis Ward, Holly Beasley Garrigan, Dom Allen, Phil Grainger, David Jarman, Lindsay Brown, Jenny MacFie, The Loch Ness Brewery, Play Pieces, The Touring Network, Lucy Walsh, Blair Dunc, Kate and Darren at Soho Playhouse, Jame Haddrell and Greenwich Theatre, Scott Morfee, Joanne Hartstone and everyone who has hosted us, helped us or given us a leg up. 

Our view of Manhattan from our digs

With all our hearts, thank you. 

Some of our Audience in Ardfern - where the whole thing started.