Thursday 4 August 2016


The Flanagan Collective 

with Greenwich Theatre and Joanne Hartstone

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

‘Ruddy gorgeous’ The Guardian / ‘Stratospheric’ The Herald

***** The Scotsman / ***** The Skinny / ***** ThreeWeeks / ***** A Younger Theatre
***** Broadway Baby / ***** Public Reviews

Following last summer's premier of FABLE - which transferred to Adelaide, London and New York - we return to Edinburgh with three shows: SNAKES & GIANTS, A COMMON MAN and FROM THE MOUTHS OF THE GODS

A young woman dances wildly on the edge of cliff. 
A lady older than the hills stands outside a closed, dark pavilion. 
Both are looking out to the horizon. There is a storm coming.
SNAKES & GIANTS is a show about where we belong, about loss and about loneliness. But it’s also a show full of love and longing and a lot of soul. Created by a stellar team of theatre makers, the show pushes the form we’ve been developing with BEULAH, BABYLON and FABLE. SNAKES & GIANTS winds together storytelling, movement and a heavy, soulful soundtrack. 
Written by Alexander Wright (Fable, The Boy James)
Directed by Hannah Davies (Githa, The Lumberjills)
Devised & Performed by Holly Beasley-Garrigan (Dumbstruck) and Veronica Hare (Fable)
Music & Sound by Jim Harbourne (Feral, Leaper)
Lighting Design by Alex Brown (Bob)
SNAKES & GIANTS is performed at Summerhall at 7pm, 3rd - 27th August (not 4th or 15th) 


Tom Paine is angry. Dominic Allen is angry too. 
Dominic Allen revives his remarkable solo show about Thomas Paine - who changed the world twice, built the first ever iron bridge, and died with only 6 people at his funeral. A show about one of the forgotten founding fathers of the USA, told entirely without hip-hop.
We premiered A COMMON MAN: THE BRIDGE THAT TOM BUILT in 2013 to critical acclaim. Since then the show has gone on to tour and play at festivals across the UK - including in Tom Paines’ home town of Thetford. 
However, as the political climate in both the UK and USA gets darker, Tom Paines’ remarkable story of belief and revolution becomes more relevant than ever. 
Written and Performed by Dominic Allen (Outland, Lorca Is Dead)
Directed by Joe Hufton (Scarlet, The Collector)
A COMMON MAN: THE BRIDGE THAT TOM BUILT is performed at C NOVA at 8.15pm from 3rd-29th Aug (not 6-7th, 20-21st, 25th, 27th)


Performed by 26 different actors and 26 members of the audience, this is a show about freewill, determinism and kissing. Inspired by a probabilistic theory of freewill, as imagined by the Australian mathematician Tom Smith, the show will have have a wildly different and random pairing of performers each day. 26 actors have responded to a call out to perform the show and, at the start of each show, an audience member will volunteer. It’s a show about how unlikely it is that we’re all here, and about how we turn something fictional in to something real. 
Written by Alexander Wright
Devised by The Company
FROM THE MOUTHS OF THE GODS is performed at 4.55pm at C NOVA from 3rd-29th Aug (not 15th)

THE FLANAGAN COLLECTIVE is led by artistic director Alexander Wright (Belt Up Theatre, York Theatre Royal) and works with a wide range of artists, producers, makers and performers. Since we started the company in 2011 we have created folks musicals, installations, festivals and happenings across the UK. In 2015 we transferred FABLE to New York for our first Off-Broadway run, before heading to an award-winning season at Adelaide Fringe Festival with Producer Joanne Hartstone. We have been working with Greenwich Theatre for a number of years to create and share new work.

For more information on us, our work, or what we’re up to then do get in touch. 
For press requests or or tickets please get in touch. 
For industry tickets or for more information on the shows then please get in touch.

Equally, if you fancy a beer or a coffee for any reason, then get in touch too. 

We hope you all have a cracking festival.


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